Ability & Suitability Testing - Talent Assessments

The ability to select the right person, in the right role, at the right time helps an organisation to maximise opportunity, reduce risk and drive growth.

A well managed talent assessment program or "one off" testing enables organisations to objectively identify "best fit" candidates for the job. 

WayPoint People has partnered with a leading innovator in world-class assessments and are supported by HR experts, occupational psychologists and implementation advisers to ensure an engaging user experience and quality profiling reports. SHL has been delivering talent innovations and proven results for over 40 years. The WayPoint director has been administering the SHL suite of products for over 10 years to some of the largest organisations in the world, through to small family based businesses. 

Personnel testing provides Business Owners, Managers and HR leaders the opportunity to analyse test results to make better decisions about personnel hires and HR strategy with the goal of improving business performance.

WayPoint People offers a catalogue of assessments from entry level to executive, across a myriad of industry sectors. Whether it be verifying ability in numerical, verbal, reading or comprehension or understanding motivations and occupational personality, we have access to over 600 different test types to ensure the right assessments are selected to assist you in your hiring, retention and personnel engagement.  For convenience, all testing is available online with immediate results and feedback.

For further information about suitability, ability and psychometric testing, and an indication of cost, call Julian on 0418 212 525 or email here.

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