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How should you resource HR?

Resourcing HR in your business can be cumbersome and inconsistent. Good ideas and initiatives often come and go with the passing of personnel within your organisation.  

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WayPoint essential guide to HR compliance

Recognise and resolve HR mistakes before they become serious problems.

If you’re like most small business owners and managers, you probably wear many hats. You’re the CEO, bean counter, marketing whizz, sales guru, chief recruiter, lead developer, and more. The WayPoint essential (and quick) guide to HR compliance is a great reference point.

If you are growing fast, you’ll get to the point when you need expertise in all these areas and this includes the human resources space.

All to often HR tasks are pushed to the bottom of the to-do-list, or worse, placed in the too-hard basket because it’s easy to get lost in the complicated rules and processes.

Yet, to create a winning business culture, you need to be proactive in the area of HR. And this means being able to recognise and resolve HR mistakes before they become serious problems.

The WayPoint team works with some of the best employment lawyers, HR specialists in the country who have contributed to delivering a robust Human Resources Information System (HRIS).

Read here for the WayPoint Essential Guide to HR Compliance and learn a little about our HRIS platform. 


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Stirling Business Association - Presentation Follow-Up

Today I had a wonderful opportunity to present to and engage with a diverse group of people, business owners, young professionals, proactive employees, and members of the Stirling Business Association.

This was a great morning to engage in candid dialogue, talk about some of the pressure points people are experiencing in business, how to overcome them, engage in discussion about innovation, the “cloud”, establishing your price points, getting paid for services and general open dialogue.

Being part of the local business community and supporting each other helps us build great networks and an opportunity to not only to share experiences and utilise each other’s services, but provide a referral stream, and contribute to the local economy.

Some key points and links as discussed:

  • Getting paid for services (this is where the “Profanity” element comes in)
    This is not only entertaining, but educational - don't watch if a little bit of swearing irks you.
    Mike Monteiro – F**K You, Pay Me!

  • Ted Talks
    A couple of my favourites below
    Live Your Legend – How to find the work you love
    Ken Robinson – Creativity

  • Innovation
    Yes, there is a Government Supported Statutory Board – Link Here
    Performance review of the Australian Innovation, Science & Research System 2016 – Link Here
    2030 – Strategic Plan – Issue Paper - Link Here

  • The Cloud
    Simply too much information on this subject, but also very, very topical.
    Short Story – we are already in it, on it, using it. Some say Data Centres but at the end of the day if it’s not on you own hard-drive / server or device, then where is it?
    Here is a dated, but easy to read fact sheet released by the Department of Communication on the Cloud - Link Here

Thanks Yvonne & Andreea for the opportunity to speak and for the warm intro by Andreea.

Great to see some “Kalgoorlie Crew” (my old home town) in Emma Cullen and Simon Dalby. You can pretty well guarantee a person from, or connected to Kalgoorlie will be close by. I hope you got that coffee Simon and I know who to talk to about porcelain tiles.

Jeanette at Challenge Office supplies – you have a new customer in WayPoint and we look forward to browsing your site and purchasing our stationary / office needs moving forward

Tegan at Mastergroup – The links are in your LinkedIn mail box and thanks for reaching out

Steve from GW Computer Services - Cheers for your hilarious explanation of the former SBA lunches and the progression of the SBA to what it is today and input regarding the Cloud.

Jayne at MY HR Adviser – Thanks for sharing a recent challenge and how it was overcome following a solution driven approach. I can certainly appreciate your position.

Mairead at Bank of Queensland – Thanks for your input, can I have a loan? Cash is King they say but cash-flow is tough to maintain in small business!

Jessica at City of Stirling – Thanks for your engagement, and representing the COS and of course if anyone needs some landscaping done, Jessica knows just the person!

Anand at Papillon – Great to see the effects of the Mining downturn in a previous role has not stopped you in pursuing opportunities to provide services in the Fire Industry

Karen at First Class Account Balcatta – You hit the nail on the head! Price & value are not the same – channeling Warren Buffet.

Leigh at WayPoint - Andreea and Yvonne will be delighted to hear you are donating your time to be a model / extra at the SBA photo-shoot on the 7th April. 

Thanks for your input and I look forward to seeing you at the next Sun-downer, Breakfast Buzz or the Business Awards.

Feel free to connect with me via LinkedIn

Julian Strudwick