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Digital & Retail Marketing Coordinator

Local operations, national coverage, international support.

Working with a global, highly recognised brand within the food and beverage market, our client is a successful, hands on franchisee operating to industry best standards, with values of authenticity, consistency, traditional values supported by highly benevolent intentions.

The success of the organisation continues through the acquisition of existing restaurants, organic growth, in addition to new store developments where they have become a significant franchisee within the Perth metropolitan and regional marketplace.

Supported by engaged, hands on, proactive Directors and driven team who receive reward for effort and ongoing professional development, the need for a Digital & Retail Marketing Coordinator has been identified.

This newly created position will provide the Directors with the confidence that their values of authenticity, philanthropy, quality and delivery of industry best standards can be communicated through and supported by the wide ranging consumer market.

You may be a recent graduate, with a love of marketing demonstrated through high academic achievement, an experienced Marketing person with an "eye on the door", or a individual seeking an opportunity to have their work seen from local, through to an international audience.

The key competencies:
  • Learn the business plan and strategy, and develop the digital marketing plan consistent with organisational objectives
  • Identify the unique elements of the businesses market segments, and build the marketing strategy consistent with each segment
  • Serve as a marketing generalist, overseeing customer insights and initiatives, industry trends, innovation and media leadership
  • Execute local store marketing to increase brand loyalty and sales and track metrics
  • Develop and execute retail market strategies using market knowledge (industry, competition, demographics for example) in order to maximise short and longer term growth
  • Capitalise on positive feedback in a swift, authentic manner to further embed our position as a market leader
The specific tasks:
  • Social media strategy development, implementation and release
  • Community engagement with sporting groups, school holiday programs, schools and retailers for example
  • Support the promotion of philanthropic projects from local fundraisers to "high net worth" attendee social functions
  • Contribute to, and promote brand specific product lines through local, regional and national promotional activities
  • Ensure merchandising material is relevant to the specific marketing / business activity
The desired candidate:
  • A confident orator, with the demonstrated ability to write creative and engaging content
  • Maintain an interest and current skill set in an ever changing, evolving social media and digital marketplace
  • Knowledge of performance media along with re-targeting, SEO, affiliate and e-mail marketing
  • Interest / knowledge of Adobe Spark, MS365 Sway, and marketing specific apps, add-ons and tracking platforms
  • Demonstrate authenticity, an interest in professional development and progressive technologies to better enhance the customer experience and maintain a competitive advantage
  • Ability to provide justified, peer reviewed advice and metrics to the Directors whilst taking ownership of your marketing role in delivering collective business objectives
Please apply online Here, and for any questions, please direct enquiries in the first instance to:

Andrea Strudwick
Senior Consultant
(08) 6555 1505

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How should you resource HR?

Resourcing HR in your business can be cumbersome and inconsistent. Good ideas and initiatives often come and go with the passing of personnel within your organisation.  

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WayPoint essential guide to HR compliance

Recognise and resolve HR mistakes before they become serious problems.

If you’re like most small business owners and managers, you probably wear many hats. You’re the CEO, bean counter, marketing whizz, sales guru, chief recruiter, lead developer, and more. The WayPoint essential (and quick) guide to HR compliance is a great reference point.

If you are growing fast, you’ll get to the point when you need expertise in all these areas and this includes the human resources space.

All to often HR tasks are pushed to the bottom of the to-do-list, or worse, placed in the too-hard basket because it’s easy to get lost in the complicated rules and processes.

Yet, to create a winning business culture, you need to be proactive in the area of HR. And this means being able to recognise and resolve HR mistakes before they become serious problems.

The WayPoint team works with some of the best employment lawyers, HR specialists in the country who have contributed to delivering a robust Human Resources Information System (HRIS).

Read here for the WayPoint Essential Guide to HR Compliance and learn a little about our HRIS platform.