Training & Education

WayPoint Training and Consulting provides targeted and industry specific programs offered in a blended format. 

WayPoint works in partnership with several leading training and professional development organisations in addition to a contract with the Western Australian Department of Education for the facilitation of Graduate teacher modules.. 

Through our relationship with The Bernard Group and You Can Do It! Education, Andrea Strudwick is able to deliver positive education programs and workshops across the YCDI! Education suite not limited to school training, parent programs, work programs and the provision of school resources. To learn more about You Can Do It! Education, please click here

The development and implementation of an online training catalogue is currently underway and due to launch in August 2018 along with a series of workshops tailored to small to medium enterprises. Contact Andrea or Julian for further information. 

Andrea's preparation and presentation skills are always of the highest standard. Her ability to work with many different personalities toward achieving a common moral purpose and successful change cannot be questioned.

Consider WayPoint Training as you next destination in achiving quality, outcomes focussed training and education courses, programs and workshops.

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